Professional Advisor Testimonials

I feel very comfortable introducing individuals with guarantee issues to Personal Guarantees UK. They provide impartial and independent advice; it solves an issue for the individual and for me! The feedback I have had from those that I have introduced has been extremely positive.

David Thornhill – FRP Advisory

Working with Personal Guarantees UK has meant that when we liquidate a company, we don’t need to leave the directors fending for themselves.

PGUK have successfully dealt with personal guarantee issues, illegal dividends and other antecedent transactions where we have been conflicted from doing the same.

PGUK have achieved some fantastic outcomes, which has also only added to our own reputation!

Eamonn Wall, Managing Director – Robson Scott Group

Personal Guarantees are a fact of life for directors in new start-ups and in many SMEs, hopefully they are never called upon but when they are the director needs a friend.

PGUK provides that helping hand to guide the director through what is a difficult time in resolving outstanding personal liabilities. They can review the agreement to make sure it is valid and if appropriate negotiate a commercial settlement with the creditor.

Peter Sargent, Partner – Begbies Traynor, Halifax

Having over 27 years experience as an Insolvency Practitioner, I regularly meet with directors and others who have the burden of personal guarantees to cope with. Their company closes and they appoint me as the Liquidator or Administrator. It is then often a conflict for me to also advise the director on how best to deal with their personal guarantee.

Personal Guarantees UK provides independent advice and help to resolve those personal guarantee issues. Being able to call on the resource of their team for that additional service for my client is fabulous and feedback from the clients I refer has always been highly positive!

I would thoroughly recommend Personal Guarantees UK to anyone needing advice in this area!

Martin Williamson, Insolvency Practitioner – IPD Ltd