Read real life testimonials and case studies from our clients:

“I had been a director of my company for 15 years before it finally went into liquidation. It was a difficult time…”

“I was referred to PGUK by my solicitor. I had exhausted all legal angles to fight the Bank…”

“I wish I had met PGUK sooner! Initially I was referred to a solicitor but I later found out that this was a waste of time and money…”

Testimonials from professional firms who have referred clients to us:

“I feel very comfortable introducing individuals with guarantee issues to Personal Guarantees UK…”

“Working with Personal Guarantees UK has meant that when we liquidate a company, we don’t need to leave the directors fending for themselves…”

“Personal Guarantees are a fact of life for directors in new start-ups and in many SMEs, hopefully they are never called upon but when they are the director needs a friend…”