Statement of Financial Circumstances

PGUK’s Statement of Financial Circumstances (SFC) is a mediation service between Insolvency Practitioners (IP’s) and individuals facing overdrawn directors loan accounts and other antecedent transaction claims as a result of insolvency.

It is a solution to expedite claims quickly and efficiently to the benefit of both parties. Whether applied to old cases, which are yet to be resolved, or brand new cases, the business benefits to the IP are the same.

  • Achieve Faster Recoveries
  • Achieve Faster Fee Realisations
  • Compliant Case Closure
  • Reduce resource costs
  • Reduce case costs
  • Reduce legal costs

Below is a summary presentation of the SFC service and its benefits to both IP’s and the individuals facing claims arising from insolvency.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the Statement of Financial Circumstances presentation.