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The majority of our referrals come from our IP colleagues. We provide an extremely valuable service to them and their clients.

A complete service to Directors in the event of a business failure.

PGUK provide a complete solution for Directors. We work with them and establish a strategy to help them deal with the many different claims that can result in the event of business failure.

Typically this involves:

  • Bank guarantee claims
  • Property lease guarantees
  • Obligations from hire purchase/finance leases
  • Guarantees on trade accounts
  • Overdrawn Directors loan accounts
  • Antecedent transactions:
  • Preferences – Causing a creditor to be preferred over other creditors.
  • Transactions at Undervalue – entering into transactions disposing of company property, less than its true worth.
  • Misfeasance – breaching Director’s duties to the company, usually by misappropriating Company property.
  • Illegal Dividends – Dividends drawn in excess of distributable reserves.

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