How We Work With The Director

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A Director faced with business failure could be facing multiple personal claims and will be experiencing many concerns. They will also be confused as to who can help and what action should be taken first. The whole situation needs to be reviewed and assessed in order to expedite personal claims quickly and realistically.

These are the steps we take once we have been introduced to the client:-

  • Have an in depth discussion with the client and assess their position
  • Then we advise the client on the best way forward
  • We then send through the documentation and start our work

We will:

  • Check the validity of the guarantee documents
  • Assess their financial position:
  • Income/Expenditure
  • Assets/Liabilities
  • Collect all the supporting documentation:
  • Mortgage statements/Tenancy agreements
  • Wage slips
  • Bank statements
  • Property valuations
  • Produce an Estimated Outcome Statement in the event of bankruptcy
  • Agree the offer to be made
  • Negotiate based on what is affordable and sensible for all parties

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