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PGUK help directors and individuals of failed companies negotiate and settle personal guarantee and other personal claims issued against them as a result of insolvency.

We work with insolvency practitioners throughout the UK, from larger corporate organisations to smaller individual firms.

This section is to explain to you what we do, how we work with the director or individual and how our service can benefit your practice.

“I feel very comfortable introducing individuals with guarantee issues to Personal Guarantees UK”.
David Thornhill – FRP Advisory

“PGUK have successfully dealt with personal guarantee issues, illegal dividends and other antecedent transactions where we have been conflicted from doing the same.
PGUK have achieved some fantastic outcomes, which has also only added to our own reputation!”
Eamonn Wall, Managing Director – Robson Scott Group

“PGUK provides that helping hand to guide the director through what is a difficult time”.
Peter Sargent, Partner – Begbies Traynor

For more comments on our service from insolvency practitioners please go to the testimonials section of this website.

What We Do / How We Work With The Director / How We Benefit Your Practice

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