How we work with other professional firms

We Work With Professional Firms

If you are a professional business, who come across Directors or individuals of failed businesses who have personal guarantee claims or other claims against them which have arisen out of insolvency, then we would like to work with you.

Whether you’re an accountant, solicitor or any other business, when you have a client facing personal claims it can be difficult to know where to refer them where they will be in safe hands.

UKPG are a professional services consultancy, providing specialist professional advice and solutions to individuals and directors of failed companies. Whilst we are not insolvency practitioners ourselves, our informal debt negotiation service is based on over 20 years’ of personal and corporate insolvency experience.

Directors or individuals of failed companies can face many different personal claims including:

  • Bank guarantee claims
  • Property lease guarantees
  • Obligations from hire purchase/finance leases
  • Guarantees on trade accounts
  • Overdrawn directors loan accounts
  • Antecedent transactions – actions they took whilst acting as a Director

By helping your client resolve these claims PGUK will also be helping your practice in many different ways.