About Us

Personal Guarantees UK Limited are a professional services consultancy, providing specialist professional advice and solutions to individuals and directors of failed companies facing personal guarantee claims and other claims arising out of insolvency.

Serving our clients across the UK through a centralised administrative back office function based in the North West, Personal Guarantees UK Limited can provide independent advice and guidance concerning all aspects of the insolvency process, whilst also achieving the best possible financial outcomes available to clients through informal negotiated settlements.

Based on over twenty years of corporate and personal insolvency experience, Personal Guarantees UK Limited are committed to providing a professional and timely service to our clients. This commitment to service has led to an outstanding industry wide reputation which is setting the bench mark for a new area of debt management services.

This unique and exceptional service to clients also means that professional referrers can be assured that their clients will be in the best hands possible to assist them resolve claims brought against them personally.

This is now reflected in the number of national, medium sized and smaller insolvency, legal and accounting firms that now regularly refer their clients to us.